Dare Dorm Review

Dare Dorm Review by Filbert Berman

Forget the grades and get the action rolling. The content in Dare Dorm is so refreshingly fresh, you would just forget all your woes. The membership is available at $17.95 a month, making it the best website to view untamed college action.

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The idea behind the porn website is to provide a one stop shop for all those people who crave for a little bit of action in their day to day lives. What can be better than watching a couple of college girls and guys getting it off with each other?

The content will blow your mind away

Ideally, if it’s college content you seek, then college content is what you get. Get into the age groove and check out some of the best works of art as young girls in their 20s strip, give blowjobs and make merry. The idea behind the whole layout is to provide the viewers with something more than the usual stuff you get on other websites. When the models are young, the limits are pushed and the scenes become all the more interesting and satisfyingly intense.


Quality speaks louder than words:

Almost no other website on the net will provide you excellent quality Flash content. The videos can be streamed as per convenience and you will hardly find any reason to complain. The quality is definitely HD, making it the perfect addition to your porn collection.


  • No downloads so you have to make do with streaming content only
  • Unfortunately, you can’t download the videos you see on the website. You have to make do with streaming the content; make sure your Internet connection does not run out on at the last minute.

The biggest pro is the lack of information, especially, when the model in question does not have his/her stats listed. Yes, it becomes a bit difficult to put a name to a face. Hopefully, the people at Dare Dorm will hear the viewers’ woes and do something about this glaring concern.

So there are a lot of categories on Dare Dorm. However, what’s lacking is the fact that you just don’t have any option to categorize your searches, especially when you want to view the classified action in detail. You will have to make do with consistent searches so that you have just about enough action to satisfy your desires.

So with your membership, you may not be getting a wee bit too much access. The website is small and still growing as we speak. Currently, there are close to 99 videos and new content is added every two weeks. By the time you get around to exploring all the content, hopefully, new videos and pics would have been added.

Overall, the website is extremely entertaining and provides a good value for money to people. The idea behind the porn site is to ensure that people of all ages get to view some of the naughty actions performed by the college girls and guys. Check out some of the raunchy stuff they indulge in; all available exclusively in Dare Dorm.