Dancing Bear Review

Dancing Bear Review by Filbert Berman

One thing you would enjoy is high quality videos of male strippers having nice sex with real girls in all girls parties. The videos in Dancing Bear usually happen in bachelorette parties and birthday parties.

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The videos will certainly give you an early morning hard on as the clothed girls watch the male stripper perform his dancing then one of them gets unclothed so the stripper can have sex with her. The woman who gets unclothed is usually the one who threw the party. The videos here are of high quality so you can’t have any complains about them. You can never blame girls for hiring strippers who have six pack abs and a nice looking body to boot. Just like the old saying, girls just want to have fun and that is exactly what these girls are having when they are drinking cum on their mouths.


One of the male strippers would usually come on stage dressed in a bear costume since Dancing Bear is a male stripper company. It also involves girls getting drunk at the party and they end up doing wild things that they probably won’t remember the next day. Most of them end up having sex with the strippers because they end up being horny. There are over 102 episodes in the website and all of them are in different parties and you probably won’t know if the girls know they are being recorded. Unlike other strippers that don’t like being touched, these strippers are all for being touched and you can even have sex with them. That explains the number of people who have hired the Dancing Bear and it is because it gets young females very excited.

The male strippers end up going around the party and let all the girls have fun. These are not your normal two second licks as many of the ladies go down on the penis of the guys. Some even have sex on the male stripper while their friends are watching. You never know what is going to happen when you are very horny. Half of the videos come in an HD file so you can watch it in good quality. Some women are actually shy but that is actually the fun part as they get convinced into having some wild fun.

All the videos in Dancing Bear last at least an hour of hardcore fun where amateur girls are having fun with male strippers. You have to admit the strippers are very lucky because they get to have sex with a lot of beautiful girls at the same time. It is one of those porn websites you can’t possibly miss as it provides the ultimate satisfaction for every hardcore fan. Most of the girls end up getting a lot of cum on their faces. The website has some 5 minute previews at other porn sites so if you want the whole thing then you must go to Dancing Bear and enjoy an hour or two of wild fun.