College Rules Review

College Rules Review by Filbert Berman

One of the fastest growing trends in adult entertainment today is user submitted videos. Now, some people will like to watch any old amateur site, but most of us want to see young, hot, wild college students going crazy on each other. That is exactly what you will find when you log onto College Rules.

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College Rules is the best amateur college porn website available anywhere on the web today. Why? Because these crazy girls submit their own videos for a chance to win $5,000! That means that every girl is showing her best and wildest nights to you so that she has a chance to make some money. After all, they need to find some way to pay for all of the booze and absolute dorm room mayhem that you will see in all of these videos.

So if young, horny girls experimenting with each other is something that you want to see, then check out College Rules. The first thing you are going to see is the old age disclaimer, so once you get that out of the way you are immediately greeted with a wide selection of their latest and greatest videos. They have a full page of trailers for you to browse and view, just to give you a little taste of what is to come. Since this site has been steadily growing, a lot of the “facts” about it on the web are currently incorrect.


There are over a hundred full length video submissions from college campuses across the United States, with some of the craziest action that you could ever imagine. Girl on girl is just the beginning. Have you ever wondered what a soaped up hallway sex party looks like? Or how a girl reacts the very first time she has someone go down on her? College Rules will show you all of that and then more.

Their extensive photo collection from the videos that did not quite make the cut are a great way to see the high quality standards that College Rules has when it comes to their winner. There is one slight misstep with the site, and that is the fact that they are a little bit slow when it comes to their updates. Usually, you will only see a video or two posted a week. So you should use other great sites to fill in the gaps.

However, the low price for access to College rules is definitely something to consider. For a three day trial they will only charge you a dollar a day. For the whole month, you will pay a rather sensational $14.95, but they also have a long term year deal that costs just about ten bucks a month at $119.95. Ten bucks for access to the hottest college girls that you have ever seen, who are just begging to try new things with guys and girls that they have never met before. Sign up today and check out all of the buzz. Who knows, you may even see one of your classmates or neighbors!